We are a firm of Independent Financial Advisors based in Kent with our office in Tonbridge. Although we are based in the South East of England we have a client base that reaches over the whole of the UK.

We believe in the philosophy that our clients are at the centre of all we do. Every process we follow is designed to give our clients excellent value and service. We feel that wealth management is more than just offering investment advice. It is about building a trusted relationship that you can rely on. We understand that the real value for you as a client comes when your adviser understands your circumstances, financial needs and goals and can make plans to assist you with achieving these.

Being Independent means we can build your financial plan to your exact needs without being tied to any providers. We can find the very best solution for you available on the market. As well as being able to access any provider we can also assist with all areas of financial planning. We can help with everything from pensions and investments to mortgages and life insurances. We offer advice to both private individuals and businesses.

Although Base Financial was incorporated in 2015, between our advisers we have over 40 years of experience in financial services that our clients can rely on.

All our fees are transparent and are agreed prior to any work being carried out meaning that our clients always know what they are paying without the worry of an unexpected cost. We offer varying levels of service that you will be able to discuss with your adviser and decide on the best package for you and your individual circumstances.

Providing financial advice to individuals & businesses

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"We have now worked with Saj for nearly five years, going through the sale of my business, investment of the proceeds and pension fund, rationalising our investments into a series of manageable pots and helping with inheritance tax planning. Saj has done an immense amount of research into available and relevant options, clearly understood our needs in terms of balancing risk with the need for regular income and security, but most importantly has shown immense patience – one of my early statements was that I will listen, but am unlikely to take more than 10% of the advice given! Sufficient to say that this percentage is now much higher and we have a more balanced lifestyle, as well as gradually securing our children’s future"

Dr JB - Chislehurst